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Philip José Farmer (1918 – 2009)

Philip José Farmer has died at the age of 91. I devoured Farmer's Riverworld books as a teenager, slogged my way through his other-author mega series "The Dungeon," and thought he wrote one of the best sword and sorcery stories I'd ever read in the form of "Spiders of the Purple Mage," in an old Thieves World anthology. More recently I've come to appreciate Farmer's more adult fancies, and remain especially intrigued by his Tarzan/Doc Savage gay slash-fic encounter.

Farmer had the blood of a fan flowing strong in him, and his postulations about the retconned interconnectivity of characters in fantastic literature lives on in the form of the so-called Wold-Newton Family of characters and stories from countless authors (some intentional, some not).

My connection to Phil Farmer grew stronger about a year ago, when we hired Christopher Paul Carey as a copy editor at Paizo. Farmer is Chris's favorite writer, the subject of many fanzine articles, annual convocations of fans at the Farmer home, and interesting stories about the man, his lovely wife, and the magical filing cabinet that unearthed new Farmer stories finished by modern authors. Chris Carey's The Song of Kwasin (a sequel to Hadon of Ancient Opar) is one such co-authored treasure. Win Scott Eckert's The Evil in Pemberly House is another. And there are more.

One suspects that though Farmer himself entered Riverworld yesterday, his work will live on here on Earth all the way up to the big alien invasion that destroys the planet.

Chris has written a wonderful remembrance of Philip José Farmer on his blog. I urge everyone to pop over and give it a read.
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