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It's Alive! - Lemuria Press — LiveJournal
Strange Adventures on Other Worlds

Date: 2011-09-13 02:09
Subject: It's Alive!
Security: Public
Location:Ballard, USA
Tags:paperback flash
This week I've been blogging up a storm over on my other blog, Paperback Flash.

I'm reviewing all 52 new titles in DC Comics's New 52 relaunch, and so far I've covered 10 of them.

I'm not going to bother crossposting any of that content over here, and in fact I've pretty much made the decision to abandon this blog, more or less, treating it like an archive.

I'll probably keep posting my Gainsbourg Christmas posts over here, because I'm a sucker for tradition, but beyond that most of my blogging will be over at Paperback Flash, and not here.

I've already written more posts over there this week than I have written here in over a year.

Come on over and read 'em!

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